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Social awareness is changing how the world and business operates. Optimize your website with comprehensive reports on how your business is perceived online within different cultures.

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Business Analysis

Business sentiment analysis

Business sentiment, sometimes known as brand sentiment, is a way of measuring social emotions towards you company through text, colors and online mentions.

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With the actual changes leaning towards liberalism, preventing your brand from been perceived negatively has become a major factor on loss of business and/or profits.

We provide automation options towards analysis of sentiments, appraisals and impressions by people on how your business is publicly perceived through API and UI.

Using an array of technologies, our API is able to provide our clients with analysis through text, artwork and colors sentiment report.

Color sentiment analysis

Describes your business's color representation in different cultures.

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Text perception analysis

Analyse negativity within your website's text content.

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Color pallete

Reads the color pallete used on the website in hex format.

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Security analysis

Deep analysis of the configuration of any web server on the public Internet domain.

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SEO analysis

Deep SEO analysis to assisting you to improve your website's ranking on search engines.

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Cookie privacy analysis

Analysis of website cookies for GDPR compliance.

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Color sentiment analysis

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Importance of colors in different cultures

Colors are a powerful tool for stimulating a sentiment and even trigger reactions. Despite the simplicity of the concept, colors may hold different meanings around the world. Choosing the right colors for your project or product is proven to be a strong weapon in marketing and branding.