Text Analysis

Text sentiment analysis

Text sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis in NLP is about deciphering such sentiment from text. Is it positive, negative, both, or neither? If there is sentiment, which objects in the text the sentiment is referring to and the actual sentiment phrase such as poor, blurry, inexpensive, etc. This is also called aspect-based analysis.

Zehnet.com: Color sentiment analysis. READABILITY SCORE

Readability is a major factor in online content and can greatly increase your site's search engine optimization levels. A well designed text allows your customer to build confidence while browsing your products.

Zehnet.com: Color sentiment analysis. KEY METRICS

Get your page text content positivity metrics to help you how your page is unconsciously interpreted by your visitors.

Zehnet.com: Color sentiment analysis. STRONG KEYS

Lists the most positive and negative words used on your text.

Zehnet.com: Color sentiment analysis.

People who sell things want to know about how people feel about these things. It is called customer feedback. Ignoring it is bad for business.

Use cases

  1. Discover negative reviews of your product or service. On blog posts or eCommerce sites or social media. More broadly anywhere on the web.
  2. Identify which components of your product or service are people complaining about. Especially strongly. For prioritizing tactical or long-term improvements.
  3. Track changes to customer sentiment over time for a specific product or service (or a line of these).
  4. Monitor visitors reaction to your blog posts to help you improve writting or/and, predict new trends.